Managing your expectations

Jus so you know, with current point accumulations in Intermediate German, I am solidly in the B camp. Not A. B. Today's exam will further solidify or lower that total. Just thought you should know. It's not a 4.0 semester. Evidently we've outgrown those.

UPDATE: Well, that was a huge, huge bomb, the likes of which I have had yet to experience in my second college career. I'm grasping at these straws:
1. I'm studying German for the long haul, not just these two years at Hamline. This is a minor blip.
2. My German teacher is really, really good and I'm lucky to be taking the class from her.
3. We had to turn in a short biography of Friedrich Nietzsche today (auf Deutsch) and I ended mine: Amen. That made me laugh out loud.

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Ann said...

It sounds like the techniques for dealing with German are similar to those recommended by the Wise One for cadaver lab: We are allowed to objectify, distance and dissociate in order to do this assignment.

That's also how I feel about
* cleaning toilets
* yet another tragic student death
* the PILE of uncorrected student work that has already accumulated in my bag
* Homecoming week (although I did take advantage of pajama day today)
* the officer who pulled me over and wrote a ticket for 39 in a 30, even though I was following two other cars going the same speed... it's just that those other drivers weren't distractedly sobbing while listening to a Jason Robert Brown song, nor were they hauling six large palm trees in their vehicle (for a jungle scene in the fall play), which must have looked like marijuana plants from his little speed trap hiding place. And then once he had me pulled over he had to make good on the stop and pretend it had nothing to do with the plants.
(Okay, I admit, I'm not doing so well on using the technique for that one.)