Meet Norma

She's quite feisty. I had figured this Biology lab would be the nadir of my academic life, but it actually turned out to be mostly inconsequential, and even kind of fun. Not fun in an ooh-isn't-biology-great kind of way. It was more like watching a cricket match, or eating at Applebee's, or going to a female strip club: mild curiosity, a little discomfort, but mostly boredom. "You want me to identify the spleen and describe its function? Sure, I can do that, but I promise to forget the information as soon as the exam has passed." Eh.


Elise said...


William said...

Where did Norma come from? Norma Jeane aka Marilyn Monroe? Have fun and just remember, without your spleen you would be dead... kinda like Norma!

Anonymous said...

"... but I promise to forget the information as soon as the exam has passed."

Don't get ahead of yourself there, sonny. THAT sounds like thinking at the graduate level.


Meema said...

May I never have to do a bio lab again. Eew.

deb said...

In the Very Early Years of the Olden Days, I got to assist in surgery quite often. I think the fetal pig exercise is very good preparation for the OR. To succeed, you have to be able to compartmentalize the task of the body parts from the meaning or awareness of a whole living being. Or, in this case dead. Cadaver work is an extra layer to get past. We are allowed to objectify, distance and dissociate in order to do this assignment.

I assume you developed your nerves of steel back in your nurse's aid days, and it serves you well now, all these years later.

Seems like you'll have a new relationship with bacon after this.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say, "Bacon?"