Welcome, dear readers

If this page seemed slow to load, adjust nothing. Google's servers are simply unable to keep up with the surge in readership engendered by my recent column in Midwest Events Sports and Fitness Magazine. Again, adjust nothing; you actually did just read the words sports and fitness.

Some of you may recall that I am running the Twin Cities Marathon. Really, I've hardly mentioned it, so you can be forgiven if it slipped your mind. One of my blog entries on the joys of training for the event has been expanded and appears in the latest issue of the magazine (which is available all over the metro area, particularly at running stores). So, in case any of those athletically minded folk stop by to check out our shenanigans here at Going40, I suggest we suck in our guts and try to look buff.

I have always suspected that I am a huge inspiration to someone, but I received written proof today. An actual reader wrote to Midwest Events, and I quote (though you could hardly be blamed for thinking I'd make this up):

Is Scott Rohr your friend, the author of "Confessions of a Marathon
Neophyte?" If so, LOVE HIM! I'm tearing his article out and am taping it on the
bathroom mirror. Had another crap hole day at work and was grouchy and about to
blow my run off, until I came home and read that little piece quick and laughed.
Lacing up the shoes now!

And again, adjust nothing; you read it correctly: I evidently inspired someone to exercise. If I can do that, I suspect the true scope of my superpowers might be vastly underestimated. So, I say to you—and I speak not only as an athlete and an inspiration, but as a regular (I don't really believe that) person, and as someone who is about to spread leftover vanilla frosting on graham crackers and top them with raspberries, essentially making miniature Venetian Carnivale dessert gondolas for a snack—I say to all of you, lace up your shoes!

I have no idea what you should do after that.


Sean said...

Very cool! Congrats, Scott.

deb said...

Oh my god.

I just pulled some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and am having several with my ultimate chocolate ice cream and ganache.

You have inspirational superpowers.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, vanilla frosting and graham crackers. Almost as good as cream cheese frosting and graham crackers. :)

Eric M said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha to infinity

Stephanie said...

You've inspired me to wish I were in a country where I had access to graham crackers and any kind of frosting right now. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be willing to run to get there.

sherpa said...

You make sherpa proud.