Today, in biology lab

Those are my four least favorite words of the semester. Even worse
than hegemony. Anyhoo: today the microscope, next week the fetal pig.
This would be an appropriate time to encourage me, because I am not
really enjoying senior year so far. And no stamina and time management
mantra, either. I want meaning and fulfilment, dammit.


Elise said...

Oh, honey. That stinks. Senior year is supposed to be fun, dammit! Maybe spring semester? Either way, just remember you need that piece of paper you get at the end so you can start doing what you REALLY want to be doing. In grad school. :-)

BrianJ said...

Ok, it is a word that never did make my skin crawl until recently-now every time I hear it I want to wretch:


Just typing it makes me a little sick.

Naomi Welsh said...

Well, I do recall that the fetal pig experience was not quite as bad as I had expected it to be...although eating lunch immediately after class kind of sucked. That fetal pig brine smell is hell to wash off. But it is INTERESTING. Keep that in mind. Press on.