What should I not do this weekend?

You choose.

a. Run 20 miles (6:30am Saturday). DONE
b. Play for a wedding at the church where I work (3:00pm Saturday). DONE
c. Decorate and deliver a wedding cake for an unrelated wedding reception (5:00pm Saturday). DONE, and pretty

d. Celebrate with a friend at her retirement party (6:00pm Saturday).DONE
e. Lead rehearsal, play the organ, direct the choir (8:30am Sunday). DONE
f. Complete 12 workbook pages of German homework (and read and understand the concepts before attempting). DONE, sort of
g. Work on, and post, my long-awaited review of Guthrie's heinously dreadful production of Little House on the Prairie (oops, have I given too much away?).
h. Read seven chapters for my Anti-Hegemony, I mean American Lit and Pop Culture, class.
i. Practice the piano about 12 hours, preferably memorizing the first section of the Chopin Barcarolle.
j. Completely pack up and store the contents of a floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelf. DONE
k. With crowbar and hammer in hand, dismantle said bookshelf in preparation for the contractor's arrival on Monday, when he will knock down the wall behind it for our new bedroom. And dismantle in such a way that the bookcase can be reused in the reconfigured living room. And I don't really know how to dismantle anything. I decorate cakes and knit, for Christ's sake. I don't have the skills of my lesbian brothers and sisters. DONE!


deb said...

Since you ask, I'd say skip A.

Meema said...

I want to hear more details about J and K.

And I think you need someone there to photodocument your dismantling efforts.

Ann said...

Ha, ha!
Why is it everyone (except me) was disappointed Little House? Could it be:
a) It wasn't hard to be better than my pretty low expectations
b) I had taken the same group of students I saw it with to the raunchy musical theater parody "Musical, the Musical" the night before, so each predictable song brought on uncontrollable chucking in our little group
c) I'm fascinated by Ryan McCartan (Clarence), who looks like a former student (my Tevye)
d) all of the above

Yes, the school year has started. I cannot think but in multiple choice tests for the next nine months.

Naomi Welsh said...

I don't understand why you can't do all that. Aren't you, like, 20? I think you should dismantle the shelf whilst decorating the cake (just keep track of which tools are for which job), and run the 20 miles to and from all the social events. You can dictate the review then too, if you're not sprinting. If you have time you could come on up & help me finish decorating my daughter's cake.

Tom said...

Isn't it funny that with all this running you weren't totally destroyed for the whole day after the 20 miler? Remember the carnage after that silly little 14 miler just a handful of weeks back? You're SO ready for TCM. And I'm SO excited for you!