Criticism on the edge

Okay, you're going to call me crazy, I know, but I love this man's writing. I had mentioned in my criticism research this summer that the Times had hired a perfume critic. It's fascinating to me because perfume is, let's face it, not so necessary a leisure product, and fairly elitist, and to even think about perfume in a critical, comprehensive way is so bourgie I can't even stand it. Except Chandler Burr is approachable, egalitarian and fun to read. It's unfortunate, though hilarious, that his latest review is of Danielle, Danielle Steele's eponymous scent. He is not kind.

So yes, I faithfully read perfume reviews. I don't even wear a scent. Except the intoxicating scent of goodness and righteousness.


deb said...

So yesterday I went to see the nice Dr. T, because I do everything you tell me to. With her wily doctoring ways, she convinced me to get a tetanus booster, because I think my last one was 30 years ago. So today I'm pretty sure I have a case of micro-tetanus, which I'm certainly blaming on you. (You can see the logic of my thinking, surely.)

So I've had time to read almost every single online reference to Chandler Burr, and thus a whole new world of Fragrance Juice knowledge is now mine.

In spite of the micro-tetanus, I'm happy about the grout, I'm happy about Chanel No. 5, and I'm happy about the infinite Internet.

the chef said...

Yes! Burr's notes on Gucci Rush blew me away: "...the fresh-chilled aspect of yogurt, with a hint of the plastic container it comes in." Pure poetry. Fragrance gets it's due.

His column in "T" Magazine is a favorite within a favorite...and yes, I am still not gay.