Productivity: commence!

I have nothing to say of value right now (some of you think that's true most of the time), but damn, it's such a pleasure just to TYPE on this machine! I can't really explain it, but I now realize how hard I was working to produce on my old laptop, and how many workarounds I was coming up with just to make things happen. This is a dream and a half, and I know, it's just a computer, and I'm a sucker for a brand, blah, blah, blah. But this computer is going to make what I do and what I care about a whole hell of a lot easier. And no, I am not going to throw the HP off a tall building. My environmental conscience won't allow it.


Eric M said...

Welcome to the fold.

You got the IM about the secret meetings, right?

Tom said...

Will your conscience allow for me to throw it off a tall building? I promise I'll clean up all the bits and pieces.

Tom said...

BTW, its gorgeous! But that's because the man makes the laptop.

Julia said...

Hooray new computer!

Maybe you could throw the old one off a building and then recycle the bits? Hit it for a while with a hammer?