Intelligent design

Today was presentation day in biology lab. We have been feverishly working on our very scientific experiments (I am to science as Sarah Palin is to constitutional law). But my lab partners and I totally rocked it, because our poster was the prettiest, best organized, and most colorful of all the projects at the junior high science fair. Also, we had candy as a bribe for those who would evaluate us. Our project, The Beat Goes On: A Study of Music's Effects on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in University Students, was hip, fun, and sciencey, and will contribute much to further research on the use of brightly colored paper in lab presentations. The most fun was working with my lab partners, Laurel and Jakob. They are super cool and are good sports about working with the old guy.


Elise said...

"Sciencey." Is that like "truthy?"

Eric M said...


Did you wear purple, too?

Stephanie said...

This brought back some very painful memories of 5th grade science fair, when several of the judges discounted the validity of my solid sciencey work ("Fertilization: Its Effect on Plants") just because the hand-lettering on my display poster was uneven. They suggested that in the future, I should use a ruler to keep the lines straight. Solid advice, which has helped me many times in my life since, but I still haven't forgiven them for the second-place ribbon and derailing what was clearly a brilliant, budding career in the sciences. These things are just so political.