A portrait

The decorator Keith Irvine turns 80. I'm not sure what else to say.


Larry said...

I saw this too. Great summer outfit for keeping all the naughty bits aired.

deb said...

You have to admire a man with an unyielding (four score) sense of person style. I guess.

I do kind of wonder if there's a difference between ironic and non-ironic kilt wearing.


Huh. I posted about this earlier today from the office, and it's not here. I think there was a stutter in the Internet, or in the crappy DSL in my building. Alternate theory, that you've started censoring me, seems unlikely, ill-advised, unworkable, too late, etc.

Sean said...

Hmmm. I would say that most of the guys on my blog are WAY hotter.

Pari Bailey said...

I would *never* wear red flashes with that kilt.