Profound truths

Yesterday, my piano teacher said the most obvious thing I have ever heard a piano teacher say. It also happens to be completely true, and other piano teachers have only skirted the issue. I finished barreling through the Chopin Barcarolle, and he said, "You really can't trill, can you?"

Finally. It's out in the open. Let the healing begin.


Eric said...

You can't roll your Rs either. Are you retarded?

deb said...

Huh. My trilldar had never registered that you're trill deficient. You do a good job of passing, apparently.

I guess everybody has to come out about something.

I'm rrr~r~r~r~r~really proud of you for telling us. It means a lot.

deb said...

OK, I thought about this at lunch.

We could posit that trilling and R-rolling are two kinds of *fluttering.*

Maybe you just don't flutter.

We immediately begin to question the nature of fluttering, the source of fluttering.

Is it a genetic trait, present from the beginning, or is there an epigenetic phenomenon related to later environmental factors?

In related news, you know who has natural fluttering giftedness? Our limerick judge, Al Sicherman. He trills really well, and can roll his Rs. Evidence of an odd distribution pattern of fluttering in the general population.

Eric said...

He flutters. He flits, he floats, he fleetly flees, he flies. Believe me--he flutters.

Scott Rohr said...

It's really Eric's unconditional love and support that makes all I do possible. He's just opted not to display that in these comments.

Meema said...

Funny - my voice teacher said the same exact thing to me.

p.s. I have an exercise for learning how to roll your R's. If you're nice, I'll share.

Stephanie said...

I think it's important for me to mention here that the English word "butterfly" was originally "flutterby", and the beginnings of the compound word got transposed over time through some specific linguistic phenomenon whose name escapes me right now. But isn't "flutterby" a much nicer name for that insect?

Knowledge of arcane trivia is an excellent way to mask all kinds of trill deficiencies.