Take your pick

Two exams coming up: German tomorrow, Biology Monday. You don't have to study for both of them, just one of them. I would prefer that you divide up the duties evenly so that I can be left in peace to work on my Cultural Studies project, which is vastly more entertaining than the genitive case or genital warts, two of the topics covered in the exams. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Sean said...

Just tell your German teacher that the genetive case is dead, murdered by the dative.

Seriously, that's what's happening over there. I'm sort of bummed about it, because I LOVE the genetive. All those fun -es endings!

There was a huge bestseller in Germany about the ongoing shift in usage. Maybe you can do a report on it for extra credit!

Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod

Hmmm, maybe I should pop over to Amazon.de and buy a copy...

Eric M said...

Would it be okay if I just looked at Latvian blogs instead?