2 + 2 = HELL

This afternoon I met with very helpful Jason in Academic Services at Hamline, in an effort to dot my ts and cross my is in preparation for graduation. Most everything is in order; I have some forms my advisor needs to fill out and sign, and take care of a couple other things next semester. No problem.


I am missing a 4-credit class's worth of Breadth of Study credits, meaning, still, I have too many music credits and not enough of Everything Else. Worse, I need a particular component of the Hamline Plan, which calls for one course to satisfy a Formal Reasoning credit. Yes, I am using capital letters all willy-nilly. Just deal. I'm upset.

So, long story mercilessly short: January is officially ruined, as I have to take a J-term class. Worse, it meets FIVE days a week from 1-4pm (even last year's hellish experience only met four times per week). But the very very very worst part is the name of the class.

Wait for it.

Consider everything you know about me.

My likes, my dislikes, my strengths and weaknesses, joys and sorrows.


Fundamental Concepts of . . . 



Eric M said...

NO! Is today April 1st?

Sean said...

Oooh. Now I understand the Facebook status.

deb said...

The Blogger is now officially on a suicide watch. Consider yourselves deputized.

This afternoon he tried to harm himself with a mechanical pencil, but the lead broke.

Then he thought he could use the point of a protractor to slit his wrists.

Then he remembered that the pointy tool is call a compass, and the protractor is a round plastic thing.

Then he tried to jump. Off the porch.

I was in the middle of a very serious phone call, and I started laughing out loud and had to bail, so I don't know if he's still alive at this point or not.

Somebody go check on him.

Meema said...

Utilizing what fundamental concepts of mathematics I can still muster, you're looking at 15 hours of math class each week.

Even with your piano practice schedule, it seems this leaves plenty of time for compensatory beverage appreciation.

Tom said...

Well, fuck. Stupid math.

Elise said...

Oh, god. That sucks so hard! What a shitty start to the new year. But think of it this way: things can only go up from there! (Right?)

marcela said...

Why don't you take the physics of sound over J-term (since you'd like it better than whatever you're taking for science in the Spring, and you're about to sacrifice your January anyway) and then, for the R, consider taking Logic (in Philosophy) with the fabulous Stephen Kellert in the Spring? Having a class with Kellert is a graduation requirement in my book, anyway. You'll like him.

If all goes awry, you can still jab your eyes out with the protractor. Wait, the compass. Hell, any #2 pencil will do.

Eric said...

She speaks.
O, speak again, bright prof!

deb said...

Oh wow. The Marcela Plan seems like a very very good plan.

Scott Rohr said...

Unfortunately, suicide is still the best option. I petitioned this supposedly wonderful philosophy professor to be added to the (full) logic class, even extolling my virtues in a humble way, and he turned me down. Flat.