I am a bad, impatient person

I am sitting at our car dealer right now, waiting while Ingrid has her oil changed. Also waiting is a mom and her two young children. They are playing in the play area, while mommy conducts business on her crackberry. Except the kids, not content to play in the play area are running and screaming all over the entire dealership. Their toys are spread across the service area waiting room, the front entryway, and the entrance to the showroom garage. The kids are alternately screaming, "Look, a car!" (there are two hundred of them within sight), pulling each other's hair and crying, and falling down and crying. The mother, who I'm quite sure lives in a home with a two-story foyer (the backpack purse gives it away), has. yet. to. look. up.

Someone must die. It's not going to be me. And it doesn't seem fair that the children should suffer for the sins of the mother.

Fortunately, much of this mitigated by the presence of our oh-so-hot car salesman, and his interest in my new MacBook. My interests are less technology-oriented right now.


RodgerPM said...

I'd say you are a much more patient person than I. Which inherently makes you a better person.

Though, of course, my mother trained me as a ninja of Righteous Indignation with a specialty in Passive Aggressive Offense.

Eric said...

We love James, the hot salesman.

Why haven't you posted the photo you sent me earlier of that other hot guy? Eric M. taught you well.

Elise said...

In general, I try not to judge other parents, because there but for the grace of god go I and stuff, but that kind of inattentive parenting drives me stone cold NUTZ. Maybe you could "accidentally" trip over her while carrying hot coffee? Even better, trip over one of the toys her kids left on the floor and then sue her ass for damages.

Actually, just snarking on your blog is probably the best response.

Tom said...

^^^ Hoping that a parent will actually pay attention to their child(ren) isn't being judgemental.

This further proves that there ought to be a parent licensing process prior to conception.