Another view


Ann said...


Now, back to me.

I may make the drive down tomorrow (ostensibly to return borrowed costumes to a fellow director) and was toying with the idea of seeing Fool for Love (4:00 pm matinee -- Stacia Rice and Peter Hanson, who were wonderful together in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof a few years back -- at the Gremlin). I haven't checked on tickets yet, but...

Anyone interested? Or are you all too busy with your knitting needles and stand mixers and your registration decisions?

Eric said...

Tomorrow's Lefse Sunday. I know I'm busy.

Scott Rohr said...

And I'm going to cram way too many hours of study and editing into Sunday afternoon and evening.

Anonymous said...

Happy Lefse and cramming.
Or, happy Lefse cramming.
(Much better without the conjunction.)