Tsk, tsk

Prof K is going to be very angry with some of you, and believe you me, that is not something you want to witness. All except you, Ann; you'll probably get a tenure-track position out of your fawning comment. 

I may need to remind some of you (so long removed from the process of choosing classes) that navigating the course schedule is both an art and a science (and I continue to hate science). For instance, I would very much like to take Managing the Performing Arts, but it meets the at the same time as my stupid science class. Had I known that Astronomy was listed not under A for Astronomy but S for Special Topics: Astronomy, I would have taken that, because I actually adore looking at stars (I am always bugging Eric to go outside and look up). But now Astronomy is closed. I also thought about taking Disorders of Childhood because I thought I could be of help to my readers, but it also conflicted with dumb ol' science. Another class I would really love to consider is Issues in German Translation, but since I will be taking its prerequisite next semester, that's not really possible, and besides, I would have to Look. Up. Every. Word. There are a couple sociology classes that look interesting, but the professor (who is supposedly brilliant) scares the living crap out of me. Seriously. And then there are a couple professors I've heard speak on line at the snack bar, and I've been able to check taking their classes off my list (after we're safely graduated, remind me to share some quotes).

As always, I will keep your many, varied, and thoughtful opinions in mind, holding them close to my heart as Mary did.

CONFIDENTIAL TO ANYONE WHO EVER NEEDS TO WRITE A COURSE DESCRIPTION: If part of your course goal is to determine whether Subject X maintains or subverts the status quo: we already know the answer, and we know which is good and which is bad. 


rootbeerlady said...

What about asking Prof K? She knows you pretty well by now and knows the course. She could tell you how she thinks you and the course would work together.

Stephanie said...

I thought that K and I had helped you pick out some environmental counts-towards-your-final-science-requirement-even-if-it's-not-really-science class for you to take during J-term, which would have prevented this Managing the Performing Arts vs. science scheduling conflict in your last semester.

But as painful as it is for us to watch you make your own mistakes, we know it's part of growing up, and we want you to know that we love you and support you in all of your choices. And we won't hesitate to tell you that we told you so if you take Prof K's class and hate it. (If you take it and love it, then Ann's gloating will be the cross we all have to bear.)

Scott Rohr said...

Rootbeerlady: Good point. I have talked to her many times; she's guite sure her class will be pretty darn cool.

Stephanie: I am taking the do-gooder science class; it was physics of music and sound available during J-term, and while I realize that would be Very Good For Me, I really want January to be about nothing but concentrated piano practice. I'm fairly far behind in recital prep.

Stephanie said...

Whew. Finally, a rationalization I can live with! ;-)