Biology of Human Function. Check.

The semester is moving quickly to a close. Today's final was for the dreaded biology class. This wasn't technically a final; the course consisted of four units, and this was the final unit exam. Still, I was nervous, as I always am taking a test. I don't know how I did (that's the fun thing about biology, even after a semester: it. all. looks. the. same.), but I do know that my methodical, diligent approach to the semester paid off. Tonight, as I was throwing out all the notes and assignments from the semester, I was pleased to see how I kept at it, each unit's notes as complete as the previous, most of my assignments full points, most of the extra credit points earned, the lab work accomplished, the group work exemplary (and a shout-out to Laurel, Johnanna and Jeana: I'll miss my bio co-eds!). Because our prof was exhaustively prepared (and impressive; after a bit of a shaky start, I came to appreciate her thoroughness and admire her technique), every point is posted online, so I knew going into today's final that I needed an 80+% for an A in the class. An A- is pretty much guaranteed. That will not do. We'll know soon, and I will breathlessly report the results.


deb said...

It's not too late to make a mid-course correction and prep for the M-CAT, you know. This biology stuff could be a previously untapped aptitude.

Just think how cool you'd be if you were a sight-reading savant *and* could sign prescriptions.

Meema said...

Ooh. Do that. I'll be your best friend...

deb said...

The blogger and the sous-blogger had lunch together today at a little out-of-the-way bistro west of town, and reviewed the pros and cons of studying biology.

The sous-blogger said "Wow, you've learned human biology. From now on, whenever there's an article or a report about a biology topic in the news, you'll understand it when you read it."

And then we both corrected me at the same time: from now on, he'll understand it when there's a biology *headline* in the news.

And then each of us ate a brownie to celebrate.