Deutschkurs. Checkchen.

That means a little check, as in, kind of. Okay, no it doesn't. But that awful final is over. It was not a good semester for me auf Deutsch. I blame science, and my need to focus on the biology of human function. Now it can function without me, and I can think about other things.

Though, I did make it on the bio grade: 86% on the final exam, which, if my calculations are correct, gives me a 93.7% for the semester (807.5 out of 861 points; check my math), which keeps me above the 92.5% needed for an A. I won't believe it until I see the registrar post the final grades. And yeah, I know: you'd think by the end of the semester I'd figure out how to guess better than 86% of the time. It was actually my second lowest exam score. Science is so not for me.

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