Hard-partying Friday night


Ann said...


My evening consisted of watching Monster House and then reading aloud two chapters of Despereaux, with voices, followed by a head-butt to the face (expertly smashing my glasses into cartilage) when I made my move for a good night kiss. Yeah, seven year olds don't so much like the kissing from their aunties. Brings tears to my eyes. Literally.

Here's hoping your couch bunny is less violent than my nephew, should you decide to make your own move for a good night kiss. Ah, what am I worried about? He (along with the Cutest Canine) looks way too relaxed to resist.

Love, Ann
AKA The owner of a NEW CAR! from a dealership sans rowdy children, no less. Help me out: XXM

deb said...

Viggo doesn't look so Superbad when he's snuggled sound asleep under his blankie. Did he like the movie too?

And that's a good testimonial photo of the post-op feet.

To Ann: I think there's a strong case to be made for XX being pronounced "chi chi" or "shi shi" or kind of a cross between the two.

There's a type of Chinese teaware called Yi Xing, and the second word is pronounced "shing" or "ching" or (almost) "zhing."

And there's an indigenous population in Mexico called the Mixtec (MEESH-teck) whose language is Mixteca (meesh-TECH-ah).

Saying "ex ex" would be boring, and could become "ek ek" or "ick ick." Not a good direction.

When we shorten Christmas to Xmas, we're letting X = cross, or Christ. Another wrong direction for an important naming decision.

XX should never be read as "two ex" which is just one size smaller than "three ex."

And I don't think xylophone-xylophone rolls off the tongue. Ditto for x-ray/x-ray, though the able-baker-charlie set might like it.

I'm raving, aren't I?

Wait, I have more. Chi-chi is a cute slangy term for boobs in Mexico. "Nice chi-chis, senorita."

And shi-shi (she she?) has its roots in "chic." Though I think we should say chic if we mean chic, and not make it cutesy by saying shi shi.

As for the M of XXM, I'm starting with Moi or Mio. French, Spanish or Italian for Mine, or Me. But that will evolve. I'll focus on it while I'm falling asleep.

Nighty night all.

Anonymous said...

say goodnight deb.


Eric M said...

1. Ann, I think you could just consider the XX as an indicator that your car is female. Biology Guru Rohr might want to pontificate on that for a while.

2. Deb, wow.

3. The only thing I can see that's wrong with the photo is that there is no eggnog with bourbon in it. Perhaps I'll photoshop that and send it to you. Or, we could just re-create the scene with the eggnog and re-shoot.

4. Isn't this snow pretty?

Ann said...

Thanks for all the XXM help.
I'm letting it sink in overnight.

Yes, the snow WAS lovely, until the windy front moved in, the temps dropped, and the possibility of getting out of here on time tomorrow (from MSP) became pretty iffy.

But, yes, even the high school kids walked out of school Friday with their faces to the sky, tongues out.

Unless you meant that whole "pretty snow" comment sarcastically, as this IS Scott's blog, allegedly, and we know how he feels about waves of the white stuff.