What is the what

Newcomers to these parts (the Going40 parts, that is) might be inclined to think that the blogger simply posts an occasional photo or two, and then the serious writers get to work in the comments section. Yes, I must admit that I have let SousBlogger Deb, iBuiltMyOwnHouse Ann, and Penthouse EricM carry the load lately. Lucky for all of us they're funny and bright. 

It is not for nothing that my charms are more inwardly directed this week. The night of the baby's birth soon draws nigh, and I am Baking and Knitting and Crafting for the Loved Ones. Like there's no tomorrow. And soon there won't be. Why on earth would be I up at 12:11am if it weren't for the Loved Ones, and their need of a happy yuletide? Some people care, Deb Cares, but I, well, I CARE.

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deb said...

I hadn't realized you're pregnant. I guess you wanted it to be a surprise. You must be carrying all tucked back into the pelvis. Are you having Braxton-Hicks contractions? Nesting in is really common just before the baby comes.

I Care.