Taking stock

It's that most magical time of the year. No, not Christmas; rather, the time when all of us young college students await the hour of reckoning. At Hamline, that happened about an hour ago, online naturally. As I had predicted, this would be my first semester back in school without a 4.0. I will be honest and say that the grades I received were an entirely fair representation of the work I did this semester. I will add that I disliked much of each and every class this semester, and am glad the term is over. My only regret is my own; I know what I have to do to earn top grades, and in two cases, I didn't do it. Okay, I have one other regret: this semester's grades pushed me out of summa cum laude honors into magna cum laude territory. There's still a chance I can roar back next semester. And yes, I'm forty years old (for a few more days anyway) and that's not why I went back to school and it's not important: blah, blah, blah. I don't like not doing well. I do like doing well.

I'm hoping for, nay, counting on, a better experience next semester (not to mention during math class in J-term. Yes, still bitter.) 

Rather than just post my grades, I'll let y'all have a little fun. Match the course with the grade:

1. Biology of Human Function
2. American Lit: Studies in Pop Culture
3. Intermediate German I
4. Piano

a. A
b. A
c. A-
d. B+


Anonymous said...

1. D
2. A
3. C
4. B

If I'm right can I have another snickers cookie?


Sean said...

I failed to meet my goal of a 4.0 at Macalester. I got over it. 3.96 will have to do to. I'm sure you can live with something similar.

Although, um, I did make summa.

But I'll never run a marathon.

Tom said...

Bio = A-
German = B+
Piano = A
Lit = A

How'd I do?

Scott Rohr said...

Becky, you only got 1 out of 4 correct. Tom, 2 out of 4.

Theresa said...

Bio A
Lit A-
German B+
Piano A

Theresa said...

(that last comment was Meema - The Yarnery is signed on. oopa)

Scott Rohr said...

Meema, unethically using her employer's resources, got two right.

I'm of course not saying, in any case, which ones people got right, nor are they necessarily the same ones from person to person.

deb said...

I know!!

I know!!

But I'm not saying. . .

deb said...

to Ann: how's XXM (Chi Chi Mio to her friends)?

Stephanie said...

Careful readers should have noted that Scott already told us that with his 86% on his Biology final, he had an A in that class for the semester. That means that one of Meema's two correct guesses was the A in Bio. By charting the three sets of guesses so far and using my powers of logical deduction, I arrive at the following proposition:
Biology = A
Lit = A
German = B+
Piano = A- (which seems to defy logic?!)

The only other possibility I see is that Scott, not yet having taken Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics, was unable to find the correct sum of his total points in Biology and actually got less than his calculated 807.5 points, in which case my above work is useless.

In closing, I leave you with the following word problem:
Scooter left for his bachelor's degree in Fall 2007 going 40 in a 20 zone. How many grade points does he still need to reach his diploma by Spring 2009 while continuing to impress us all wildly?
Answer: way fewer than he already has!

Enjoy your break, eat some cookies, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!