Scratch that

It may be our prettiest tree ever. But I still don't feel like decorating it.


deb said...

I bet it's just Imitrex weirdness, and thus temporary. Not a state-of-being.

Also, for those who care, the days start getting longer a week from tomorrow.

Eric M said...

I'm having eggnog with bourbon. Come on up if you need a glass of Christmas cheer!

Also, Burt was right about the name for our tree. Beatrix is looking forward to meeting you.

Tom said...

Scott, you're not alone. I suffered the same anti-tree sentiments this year. I can't think of many things I like more than the smell of a real Christmas tree (preferably fraser, maybe balsam like this year's verision) in my house but I simply couldn't muster the excitement to go and procure, and stand, and straighten, and light and decorate. Good thing my dad asked for help with his due to his bum knee and spurred me on to getting my own, too. Luke might otherwise have had a treeless First Christmas.