O Christmas Tree, O Schmistmas Tree

What is wrong with me? Getting and decorating the Christmas tree is one my favorite things to do each year. I love the smell of the frasier fir, the glow of the lights in the evening. This year I'll be damned if I can muster up ANY enthusiasm for that ritual. Eric and I decided we weren't even going to get one, but then felt guilty about being scrooges. Today we made our annual trek to the farmers' market, made more festive this year with Eric M and Burt along to get their tree as well. We had a nice lunch at Lucia's, found a beautiful tree, brought it home, and it's sitting on the porch, waiting to get in. And I feel . . . nothing.

I may be dead inside.


Sean said...

The truth is that it's a HELL of a lot of work to put up tree, and you just finished your exhausting semester at school.

I love having the tree up, but each year I'm a little less enthused about the process of decorating it. That's why I invite 60 people over every year--that forces me to get it done no matter what.

Elise said...

Must be something in the air - I had the same uncharacteristic apathy about decorating the tree. But we finally did it this afternoon, and I have to say it is quite nice to have it gleaming in the living room. Maybe you just need some Xmas music and some schnapps-enhanced hot chocolate to put you in the mood.