An academic bright spot

An email from the National Conference on Undergraduate Research:
Congratulations! We are happy to announce your abstract submission, Everyone's A Critic: Arts Criticism in the Digital Age, was approved for presentation. Chosen from thousands of submissions, your abstract displayed a unique contribution to your field of study. Your scholastic achievements and efforts are impressive and we hope you continue this high standard of excellence into graduate school and beyond.
Ironically, I was listening to Brahms' Academic Festival Overture when I saw the email. I'll be presenting at the conference in glamorous La Crosse, WI, April 16-18.


deb said...

All cool.

You should maybe get a copy of Mussorgsky's Common Bile Duct Impromptu pieces. Kind of an obscure eastern European recording of the piano reduction, but you might like it.

Eric M said...


Sean said...


I myself have never presented at an academic conference. Or even attended one, come to think of it. (I really, really didn't click with the whole lit-crit scene at Princeton.)

Elise said...

That's awesome! Personally, my favorite part of academic conferences is making snarky remarks about the relatively low style-standards of most academic wardrobes, but that could just be me. Congrats!