Worst billboard ever (besides the anti-abortion ones)

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Cate said...

I don't know - did you ever see the billboard on 94 for some craft warehouse and it is a picture of an older woman with her hand on her face and she is saying,'Gosh, its HUGE!'.

That was the one that always make MD and I shake our heads.

deb said...

The last time we were in Sedona, there was a shop with its name in huge letters:


A full service, one-stop shopping kind of place, I guess.

At least if that's the kind you are.

Stephanie said...

Deb, I'll see your "BOOKS GOLD GUNS" store in Sedona and raise you a "Doug's Bar and Gun Shop" in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Hands down, the scariest place I've ever been in my life. EVER.

On the other hand, you kind of have to admire the entrepreneurial ingenuity. I mean, convenience packaging of items that consumers often want at the same time (Cheese + Crackers, Booze + Firearms) is what made this country great.

Anonymous said...

If this is too far off-topic, please forgive me.


These reminded me of Steven Heller's latest 'finding'...


"Call me old-fashioned, but I like to keep gardens and guns separate. I thought everyone did. So it came as quite a surprise when I was sent a copy of Garden & Gun magazine, an elegantly designed bimonthly, which began publishing over a year ago.

For those of us snarky Northerners who are likely to make sarcastic comments about the South and the title of the magazine, Garden & Gun is for real. It is a "glossy look at '21st Century Southern America' with an emphasis on Southern traditions, heritage and lifestyle, particularly outdoors," wrote The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette back in 2007. Articles on bird hunting, gardening, sailing, horses, and fishing, among other lifestyle themes, abound. And in case you're still skeptical, Garden & Gun, headquartered in Charleston, SC, is headed by publisher Rebecca Darwin, former publisher of The New Yorker and Mirabella.

What does this tell us about magazines today? Well, dual-themed magazines may be the next big thing: How about Health & Wealth, for the aging, upper-middle-class baby boomer; or, for the twenty-something gourmet, Food & Dude; or, for the frequent DWI offender, Car & Bar."