So far, 41 sucks. January sucks. Sabbatical sucks. Everything sucks. I'm old. And all is futile. I have to have gall bladder surgery. And because my life completely sucks, I had to worry about missing ^&#*^%^ math to get my ultrasound today.

I'll be back when I'm not morose.


Stephanie said...

Oh, that does suck. Do you know when your surgery will be? I hope all goes well and you're feeling better very soon.

deb said...

Owen H. Wangensteen was the legendary chairman of the surgery department at the U from 1930 to 1967. Every surgeon in Minnesota can trace a connection to Dr. Wangensteen. He invented a kind of gastric suction machine, and there are surgical instruments named after him. He was mentioned once in a M*A*S*H episode. When Phil was but a pup, working in the biomed library at the U, Dr. Wangensteen was still geezering in most days, keeping himself up-to-date, writing articles, doing research.

I found a nice profile of him online, and quote from it here:


He always referred to himself as a “plumber of the alimentary tract,” having worked at both ends. Among his many clinical contributions were advances in the management of intestinal obstruction and the use of the Wangensteen gastric tube. Poet Ogden Nash once wrote, “May I find my final rest in Owen Wangensteen’s intestine/knowing that his masterly suction/will assure my resurrection.”



Dr. Wangensteen used to say "The definition of major surgery is: any surgery done to me."

Anonymous said...

Better than sepsis ... but a bummer for your already over-scheduled month.

I'm glad that it's fixable.


Elise said...

Oh, yucky. I had to have emergency gall-bladder removal about 7 years ago, and while the surgery was not exactly fun, it was SOOOO nice not to get the gallstone attacks afterwards. Cut yourself as much slack as you can - you'll heal so much faster if you can let yourself rest, rest, rest. Extreme pampering by your partner is also highly therapeutic. (Hello, payback for the foot surgery!)