In which the readers decide

Re: this. Hipster and cool or playing with design fire? Discuss.

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Sean said...


Gross and wrong.

The new MacBooks are complete perfection. Don't mess with them, I say.

Meema said...

Initial impression: where does the Vista Cruiser insignia go?

After a little more thought: think how intoxicated you'd be if you lived by Frasier's Antiques Roadshow drinking game.

deb said...

I'm not opposed to personalizing our iAppliances, because let's face it, I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago. I understand having an adoring, intimate relationship with these products - one in which we fuse our identities to the loveobject.

I don't crave one of the covers you show us, but we are Differently Interested, and I wouldn't make fun of you if you got one. I think the proportion of the border to the insert is a little off.

Phil (the car guy) says you're looking at a Woodie.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters had computers?


aflamingstar said...

I'm very torn. I kind of think it's beautiful and kind of think it's horrible. And then there's this lime green patterned one which is right up my sucker-alley.

Stephanie said...

Pointless and wasteful. Pointlessly wasteful? Wastefully pointless?

If you're serious about taking better care of our environment, then you're not allowed to buy sheets of decorative plastic which serve absolutely no purpose other than to make an already disposable appliance look cool.

If, on the other hand, this came as an option when you bought the appliance, I'd be okay with it.

Also, let's be clear that the above greener-than-thou rule only applies to buying aesthetic items which *I* consider pointless. Pretty things for me, my home and my belongings are automatically exempt.

Gotta run--I have to go unwrap some more new, styrofoam wrapped doo-dads for my apartment.

Ann said...

The thing about a woody (I'm thinking 1974 Town and Country, as opposed to the first picture that comes up when you google the word) is that they become cooler once they have a few years on them.
Like, 20.
So, I vote for retro-hip, in the year 2028.