Not so fast, cheeky commenters

MATH UPDATE: I should add that my enjoyment of working a few problems (much earlier in the day) in no way translates to actual math talent. I have spent, by my accurate accounting, 11.25 hours on math homework today. I spent several hours during the week on the assignment already. I will spend another 2 hours before class tomorrow, and I will turn it in knowing that several problems are simply beyond the scope of my abilities. As it stands at the end of week one, it's Math: 1, Going40: 0.


deb said...

I thought you were sucking up to the tutor through baking. How come that's not working?

Eric M said...

If a 40-something in a 20 zone starts doing his math at 11AM, and a 20-something in the same zone starts his homework at 6PM, who will have the better blog posting?

Tom said...

I suggest cheating. If you're going to be made to jump through a hoop, you might as well get creative. ;-)