Uh oh

I'm kind of enjoying my math homework.


Mark said...

Be careful you don't broaden your horizons too much. I suppose you could always return next year to finish the math track.

Eric M said...

I sense another blog coming.

deb said...

OK, I'm not feeling all I-told-you-so, because I really realy didn't tell you so. But I'm not completely surprised that you're slightly enjoying the maths. (No, you're not enjoying the impingement on your January, I know that.)

You like Sudoku. Also you're particular. Also, in the brain Venn diagram, math and music have a big overlapping space. (And you could probably tell us the name of that Venn center football shape, and also calculate the area in inches or centimeters, and the volume in grams or ounces.) Also, like me, you like to be right, and in math there is a right answer. (In psychology we - you and I - ruefully acknowledge the need to be right as our primary losing strategy, while at the same time positioning ourselves for our own inevitable rightness, nonetheless.)

I know. I know. This is a little drifty. I blame the catarrh. Besides, Eric M is the master of the perfect concise response, not me.

Also, you're already a quarter of the way to the finish line. 25%. 1/4.