I really did sit through the boobies show. City Pages caught my reaction. Eric M and Burt seem to be having a much better time; maybe they are just roommates after all. You can see a slideshow of the proceedings (Pasties alert) here.


Eric said...

Be sure to note the stewardess' propeller pasties. Those were my favorites.

Eric M said...

Ahem. Not roommates. Thank you.

deb said...

The gentleman in the middle and the gentleman on the right are clearly enjoying themselves as they watch the sexy, funny performance.

The guy on the left is completely dissociated. He doesn't have any memory of the pretty girl who bounced his face between her boobs. He is *such* a Kinsey 6/6.

Stephanie said...

To Eric: a friend of mine from youth group, along with a group of his friends, dressed up in drag as stewardesses for Halloween a few years ago. They discovered that their skirts were too short, so they all got matching panties made, with the word "Cockpit" printed on the ass.

I'm pretty sure none of them wore propeller pasties, though.