The worst week ever

Though this is the last week of math, there is no reason to rejoice:
this week is all Geometry, all proofs, all the time. Geometry is
EASILY my worst aubect EVER. I am displeased.

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Eric said...

You're sure it wasn't spelling?

Eric M said...

Play nice. He's sensitive.

Scott Rohr said...

I'm obviously living with the wrong Eric. Thank you for your love and understanding, Eric M. The other one, not so much.

Sean said...

I hated proofs in geometry SO MUCH. Why do I need to re-prove any of this crap? If the book says what a right angle is, why do I need to reinvent the wheel? Stupid.

deb said...

I've been waiting for geometry week here at G40. Our limerick judge, Al Sicherman, went to the Illinois Institute of Technology and received his first degree in electrical engineering.

The IIT rouser went like this:

Secant !
Cosine !
Tangent !
Sine !

Three point one four one five nine !

Go team !

Eric M said...

Deb, that is one of my top 5 favorite comments on G40!

Mark said...

I think I kind of liked proofs. Does that make me a bad person?

deb said...

No Mark, it makes you cool. Just listen to Freddie Mercury:

"We . . . are the champions . . . my friends. . . "

To Eric, why thank you. That means a lot.

To all, while I've opened the subject of team spirit, did you know that the Rhode Island School of Design has a hockey team named The Nads?

Go Nads !!!


Go to bed now, Debbie.

aflamingstar said...

I also hated geometry. It's so obvious that it's true, why should I prove it again?