Chocolate cake

I've been baking today. For families with babies. If you want me to
bake something, have a baby.


deb said...

Doesn't your baby policy discriminate against, um, people like me?

I enjoy baked goods more than almost anyone you know, and yet I'm, well, out of the running. . .

How can I get the rules changed to benefit me in general, and me in particular?

Eric M said...

How about if I just act like a baby? That would not really strain my acting skills.

Mark said...

Don't be too disappointed, Deb and Eric. We tried twice, and no cakes.
As further injury, Scott had to inform us a few posts ago what it means if we haven't had Eric's multigrain sandwich bread. Ouch. Twist that knife. I'd better go lick my metaphoric wounds now.