Real World: Minneapolis

Sometimes blogging fills out an experience, sometimes it supplants one, or fills in the space where one doesn't seem to exist. And sometimes, it's just gets in the way. I start spring break tomorrow, and while it won't be much of a break (I need to be chained to the piano), I am looking forward to a change in routine, and a chance to regroup. Like you, I have projects I never seem to get done: prepare my taxes, file some school paperwork, etc. I have a fair amount of freelance work, some academic projects, and did I mention practicing?

Several people have asked me what comes next, post-graduation, and someone recently asked me what happens post-Going40. I hadn't really considered the end of Going40, but a new adventure will crop up, and I'll be sure to bring you along for the ride. Until then, let's enjoy the last few weeks of craziness.

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