In which justice, if not served, is at least on the menu

Things you should know on this Friday night:

1. Eric has left me. For a week. With his father and brother for a week of skiing in Alaska. It all balances out.

2. I make damn good soup. Without a recipe. I just pick a couple ingredients that sound good and vamp. This week it was white bean and hot italian sausage. I can't stop eating it.

3. The deadbeat paid me today. Not all of it. But a lot of it. I don't expect to see the rest. Then again, I didn't expect to see any of it. I am exhausted from the threatening communications. But I got me some money.

4. This weekend I am memorizing the Chopin Barcarolle. Nine measures of the piece I simply can't play. Maybe we'll all just have a singalong during that portion of the program.

5. Remember how I didn't mind not having a TV? I'd mind now. And my new favorite time-waster is House. Good show.

6. My rib is getting better. It still hurts like a sonofagun to sneeze. Four ibuprofen at 4pm work miracles.

7. Ready for spring? I was until I realized how cool my new sweater will be. I hope to have it finished in two weeks.

8. I looked forward to renting a RedBox movie tonight. The magic box had nothing worthing renting. Nothing. You must be pinching yourself, unable to believe how lucky you are that you read this blog.

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Stephanie said...

I think you should stop copying my TV habits. First you knew all about my penchant for dubbed Law & Order, now you're following me into an addiction to House.

I'm glad you got some of the money. Take a break from that which exhausts you, give them a month or two, then start regularly scheduled, firm reminders, making sure to escalate as high up the management chain there as you can. I used to work for a consulting firm with huge cash flow problems. I know what got us to put out.