To post or not to post

When the big guy makes the news, I feel that I must share. I know that many of you immediately think of Shakespeare when you pay Going40 a visit. For those who don't, some evidence:
  • The award-winning Going40 limericks rival the sonnets.
  • Much-revered Prof K is the world's leading authority on Shakespeare and gayness (there might be more to it than that; I'm hoping she'll clarify). And, she will soon have a gilt-edged, leather-from-endangered-hides book published to prove it.
  • Ann is suffering mightily in western Minnesota, imparting Wisdom and Knowledge to her high school English students, while we worry if the free-range chickens at the Wedge were really happy. Also, she goes to the Guthrie and Winona more than we do.
  • Our own Sous Blogger is a Shakespeare denier (I figure there's no way of preventing her from clarifying). Worse, she too will probably be ex-ex-communicated by the beady-eyed German guy in Rome. 


Anonymous said...

portrait 'meh'

I'm waiting for evidence that he was literate. See: Mary Sidney Society on FB


Ann said...

Wisdom and Knowledge of the day imparted to willing 18 years olds (those who showed up, despite the time change):
Stage combat "training." Wesley vs. Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride) and King Arthur vs. The Black Knight (MPatHG), wooden dowels, gymnasium, rapiers vs. broadswords.

Wisdom and Knowledge of the day for tomorrow:
Macbeth gets his head chopped off. We shall not be practicing that.

Ann said...

Oh, I forgot to brag that I've met Stanley Wells, the summer I studied in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Ann.

Where's your sense of FUN?


MK said...

The Shakespeare birthday trust must be desperate to clinch their ownership of the Bard, to go to these desperate lengths. Maybe the stream of tourists to Stratford is thinning thanks to the global recession?

I got tanked with Stanley Welles. In Russia. With the locally appropriate tools.