Lame lame

One of Hamline's most pathetic entities is the Office of Commuter Connections. This is Hamline's attempt to make its increasingly non-resident students feel welcome and loved. The commuter lounge is in a dark, unattractive basement (having been kicked out of newly remodeled prime real estate in the library earlier this year), and serves absolutely no purpose. Every so often the office, in an attempt to justify its existence, offers superfun events. Today's special doings include "guess what's in the jar and win a $15 gas card." Woohoo! But, even better (sit down before you read this, because it is soooo exciting):
We will also have board games and amazing snacks like Doritos, Wheat Thins, Lays barbeque chips, baked Lays, Oreos, Ritz Bitz, and a lot more!!
I. Can. Hardly. Wait.


Anonymous said...


I donate blood for the free cookies.


deb said...

Phil, I'll give you all the cookies in the world if you'll spend more time working in a dark unattractive basement.

Tom said...

Sounds like the treats at choir rehearsal on certain Wednesday nights.