End times

I've been thinking about how empty and meaningless your lives are going to be without this blog, and now some of you are even threatening me with harm should I shut it down (and let's be clear: I AM shutting it down). One mean lady (she's essentially French and can't help it) intimated that I alone will be responsible for world hunger if I quit producing this blog. Another has said that he's likely to turn to meth without my blog to read. Okay, he didn't actually say that, but I think it's likely.

Here's my best advice. Read. A. Book.


Ann said...

I know you mean well, Sweety, but I read five books last week and have an entire shelf ready for the summer, but will still split with missing of the blog.

Stephanie said...

You write a book, and I'll definitely read it!

Further clarification: I'm fine with you shutting this blog down (after all, graduation means that you're once again moving in your own speed zone), IF and ONLY IF you immediately open a new one.

I told Sous Blogger/Boss of You earlier this week that she should surreptitiously post a contest here for your readers to propose names for your new blog, but she seems to be ignoring me. So any readers who choose to do so should post their suggestions here.

I don't have any good ideas yet, although something along the lines of "Getting Back up to Speed" might work, especially if there's a way to word it to make it clear how many of us readers would be on meth if it weren't for your blog!

Eric said...

Döppelganger and I were chatting last evening, wondering what affect Sous Blogger's/Boss of You's powers will now have in this next "Oh, the places you'll go" chapter. Is the newly held BA sort of your kryptonite against her? We, collaboratively, thinks that the walk across the stage sort of disabled her bossing abilities.

deb said...

Good one, Eric.

For the record, my primary SuperPower (mind reading) plus my secondary SuperPower (messing with your minds) trumps his SuperPower (sight-reading keyboard music).


PS A complete list of my low-functioning skill areas is not currently available for love nor money.

Okay, maybe for money.

Eric said...

Liberty Custard?

Elise said...

Beam Me Up Scotty?

Scooter, BA?

Have Piano, Will Travel?

Lush Life?

OK, that's all I got off the top of my head, but have a heart! I'm READING books, dammit, but it's not the same! The world needs *more* quality snark, not less.

Ann said...

So true about the snark, Elise.

Speaking of, I used the word snarky in an email to my boss a few weeks ago, and he admitted he had to look it up. This is why the blogging must continue: to prove literate communication isn't a lost art.

PS I asked our National Merit Scholar how he got so smart, hoping he'd say he read a lot of books. Nope. He said he has stimulating conversations on online forums. Another reason why the blogging must continue.