To sum up

The festivities are finally over. A brief summary:

1. Recital: very fun. I'm pleased with the results, the crowd, the afterglow, and of course, my outfit. Seriously, it was quite a good experience.

2. Family: my mother and her husband, my father and partner, and both sisters came to attend all or part of the festivities. We all had a wonderful weekend together, and I'm grateful for their presence (and unnecessarily and unexpectedly, their presents).

3. Commencement: I can't lie. Crossing that stage is something I will never, ever forget. Ceremonies are boring, and this one was no exception, but corny as it may be, putting on that cap and gown and gold tassle meant something. I was proud to graduate, and to graduate magna cum laude with a 3.859 GPA.

4. My partner: Along with my friends, Eric was an amazing support through all this, not just the weekend, but the last two years. Enough so that now he's sick as a dog, trying to recover from strep throat.

How do I know this is all really over? I spent part of today choosing new piano repertoire and researching grad school programs.

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Sean said...

You've had a very full week. I'm so happy for you! Too bad that Eric got strep! I hope you don't catch it, too!

I have fond memories of my college graduation--20 years ago last week!--but it was a really sad day, too. My friends and I would never all be together again. Lots of tears that day.

When I got my MA, I skipped the ceremony. I figured I might go when I finished the Ph.D., but then, oops.