The Best of 2008, Going40 Style

It seems impossible to believe that already it is time for my much-anticipated list. As I reread last year's list in preparation for this year's Wisdom, I was struck by my unerring good taste, my concise distillation of 2007's highs and lows, and my uncanny ability to know what would be most important to my dear readers. A blogger with a less developed sense of occasion might simply copy and paste and title the post, "Ditto." But never fear, dear readers. I know all too well that you are counting on me to share even more about me that made 2008 so special to all of you.
  1. Best television show (a category complicated by the fact that we don't own a TV): The Colbert Report; Runner-up: Mad Men
  2. Best day of my life: January 4, 2008
  3. Party of the year: My 40th birthday party (see number 2)
  4. Best technological addition to my life (tie): iPhone, MacBook
  5. Worst grade in school: B+ for J-term's hideous Language and Society; Runner-up: A- for fall semester Piano (really)
  6. Best grade in school: A in Biology of Human Function
  7. Biggest athletic accomplishment: Training for the Twin Cities Marathon; Runner-up: Finishing the Twin Cities Marathon
  8. Given 7, most dubious distinction of December 2008: Weighing the most I ever have ever ever.
  9. Given 8, best meal: Thanksgiving II with Eric M, Burt, Kyle, and Erin; Runner-up: Brunch at Chef Kyle and Erin's
  10. As long as we're on the subject, best dressed: Chef Kyle
  11. Best newly rediscovered spice: Cardamom
  12. Best breakup: Me from Business Ownership
  13. Best time-waster: Facebook; Runner-up: iPhone apps
  14. Best yarn, two years running: Malabrigo
  15. Best blogger I wish wrote twice as often (and yes, I know she has perfectly good reasons not to): Snarky Squab
  16. Best book because I had to: A Continent for the Taking, Howard French
  17. Best book because I wanted to: Out Stealing Horses, Per Petterson; Runner-up (so far; I'm only on page 84): In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan 
  18. Best place to spend time, inclement weather: The desk in our newly reconfigured space
  19. Best place to spend time, decent weather: The porch (next to The Perfect Planter)
  20. Best thing that no longer freaks me out: getting a massage (but only from Scott at Quantum Massage Works)
  21. Speaking of Scott, best act of friendship: Scott roller skiing next to me during all my long training runs, keeping me hydrated and more importantly, motivated; Runner-up (though no less important): Sous Blogger Deb for countless High Quality Conversations
  22. Best reason to wake up in the morning: Eric, of course and still; Runner-up: Eric having made coffee
That's my 2008, incomplete but in a nutshell. I hope yours was equally quirky and satisfying. 


Elise said...

Holy shit, I made the Best List! Damn, I'll have to make it a resolution to blog more, just to deserve the honor.

Erin said...

The honor I feel at being mentioned is really just too amazing...now I just have to figure out how to deal with the monster you created known now as Mr. Best Dressed.

the chef said...

This year end list fanatic has died and gone to heaven by the mere mention of his name on your list...and don't pay attention to his wife's comments. Monster schmonster.