Some have suggested (okay, one, and that was the underworked sous blogger), that I might enjoy law school next. I told her, and I tell you now, that I immediately thought of three things I would enjoy more than law school.

1. Pulling out all my fingernails
2. Working with heavy machinery at a tool and die (or dye, as I originally wrote)
3. Vaginal intercourse


deb said...

It's tool and die.

You would indeed be unsuited for the heavy machinery tool and die world.

Maybe tulle and dye would be more your thing.

Tom said...

HA!!! There it is again. Good 'ol vaginal intercourse.

Yeah, I would put law school low on your list, too. Is our dear Sous Blogger feeling OK these days? Is the pressure of your recital just too much for her?

Stephanie said...

But I think that we should all pause for a moment and consider how much better informed Scooter is today about vaginal intercourse than he was just two short years ago, thanks to the education provided to him by both his biology classes and the Sous Blogger (http://ericwithac.blogspot.com/2008/04/viva-vagina.html).

The value of Scooter's college education goes far beyond that which he intends to use in his daily life--it has also served to amuse us all greatly!

Sean said...

And let me point out, that this is a terrible, terrible time to go into law.

To wit...