Speaking to the board

Is fun. We were all awesome. I totally want to testify at a
congressional hearing next.

[typos courtesy of iPhone]


Eric said...

Yay! Glad it went well.

deb said...

Law school.

Supreme Court.

Think of writing your opinion down and having it become A LAW !!!!

You need to be in charge of something.

deb said...

The above comment was impulsive. Upon further reflection, you need to able to show up, dazzle and inform and charm the smart kids, and then go out for drinks.

deb said...

OK, I think I'm now more excited than you are about the finishing.

I hope you recall our conversations from 2+ years ago, when I forced you to go back to school, and said that I would support whatever you needed, and that I would become a person who had no needs.

So, I'm really really ready to be done with that vow. I have 2+ years of pent-up unmet needs that have not been satisfied, even by my full-time skilled personal care attendant.

I plan to resume being my adorable high-maintenance self on Saturday, May 23 at high noon.

I'm counting the seconds.