Continuing the countdown

No more biology classes, ever ever again (we'll just pretend next week's final doesn't exist). As a sign of my commitment to the subject, I've already sold back my books. Tomorrow I'll presenting to the Board of Trustees, with Prof K and two other student researchers, a summary of my research. Giving me five minutes and a free microphone in front of the Board is not one of Prof K's most prudent decisions. She should be scared.

What's left? Here's the schedule:

Monday, 9:49am. Piano Jury
Tuesday, 10:00am, German Final; 12:15p Final recital runthrough
Wednesday, 7:45am Biology Final (the answers, by the way, are a. biodiversity; b. endemism; c. keystone species; and d. albedo effect)
Thursday, 7:30pm, I can't remember exactly, but it involves a new outfit
Friday, Not One Damn Thing.
Saturday, 11:30am Commencement

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