Does anyone else think

that I'm a bit much? I mean, really, how much psychic space should my recital and impending graduation be taking up in everyone's lives, or even in my own? It's all I can fricking think about. I'm so sorry to be such a burden to you all. Fear not, it will all be over soon.


deb said...

It turns out, you're not a burden to us.

The good news is: nobody else is thinking about it like you are.

The bad new is: nobody else is thinking about it like you are.

Meema said...

Considering how long you've been waiting for these events to come to pass, I'd be worried if they weren't obsessively consuming you.

Eric M said...

You are the best kind of burden, sweetie. :)

Ann said...

I'm engaged, regardless of redundancy.
The Pedant Satellite, faithfully orbiting daily

Anonymous said...

Oh, cool.

When's your recital?


Tom said...

I've been thinking about your recital and graduation but only fleetingly between my nearly constant bouts of obsession over buying and selling houses. So, no, not a burden at all. But you ARE a bit much in a way we all very much enjoy.

Eric said...

What recital?

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for an invitation to the graduation party.